Financial Mandates 

Acquisitions and Sale

Sahli & Partner assist in identifying potential investors, other forms or individual management buy-outs who seek to purchase assets or stock of a certain company. Sahli & Partners extensive network of individuals and financial institutions offers great benefit to small / mid size companies who seek to retire their management or owner. We boost market growth through financial injection or other professional instruments.

Venture Capital

We search and analyse firms that are in early stages and need a boost in funding. Sahli & Partner works with angel investors. We also buy smaller sw companies and turn them into success and sell its equity with capital gain.

Financing IT

Sahli & Partner is also helping companies to finance and acquire the IT equipment they need. With our partner we provide solutions to help with smart leasing options for a wide range of industries and organizations. Wether you need PC’s, laptops, storage and servers, network or media systems, we manage for you to lease it all. Independent of vendors and manufacturers, you have the freedom to choose any brand of equipment you like