Financial Mandates 

Acquisitions and Sale

Sahli & Partner assist in identifying potential investors, other forms or individual management buy-outs who seek to purchase assets or stock of a certain company. Sahli & Partners extensive network of individuals and financial institutions offers great benefit to small / mid size companies who seek to retire their management or owner. We boost market growth through financial injection or other professional instruments.

Venture Capital

At Sahli & Partner, we explore and evaluate startups at their initial phases that require financial support. Our expertise lies in collaborating with angel investors. Additionally, we acquire smaller software companies, nurture them to fruition, and divest them for a considerable profit.

Financing IT

Sahli & Partner offers assistance in financing and acquiring IT equipment for companies through smart leasing options. These solutions are available for various industries and organizations, providing access to a diverse range of equipment such as PCs, laptops, storage and servers, network and media systems. You are not restricted to any specific vendor or manufacturer and can freely choose the brand of your choice.