Coaching and Execution of customer relationships and sales for largest enterprise business customers after Nextiraone takeover. The unit is called business sunrise which is today the largest full service provider in the swiss market


Founding and execution of the swiss country business for the internet pioneer netscape with its enterprise server suite and its awarded browser.


SSL Content Security Software company with no office in Switzerland. The mandate included basically sales and business development.


Largest ISP in Switzerland. The mandate consisted mainly of Business Planning for a product on their portal


Sales and business development for middleware applications for Switzerland.

Crossbeam System

Leader in consolidated architecture HW for security applications such as Checkpoint etc. The mandate was a several years job. Some of the tasks were entering the Swiss market and secure first business. At the same time continue to grow and build a strong partner channel.


Leading application security firm that recently acquired Veritas (Storage and Availability). The mandate was short term focused on its existing salesforce to coach, assist in meeting their targets.

Sun Microssystem

Leader of internet applications and infrastructure from hardware to software. The mandate involved boosting the lead generation and active phoning to selected markets for its software department.


Neon has developed a software utility that runs on zOS Mainframe machines optimising the consumption and the load of the core processors by using the speciality engine. A law suit injunction has stopped the sale, market and service of the software mid 2011