Expanding to Switzerland

Most often when a foreign subsidiary gets established the mother company or head office hires first a sales guy who works and executes from home. That’s ok. As business grows so does the subsidiary and more staff gets hired. Presales and perhaps support and soon. Due to the legal form of representation of the newly founded subsidiary most often as required by law there are board members. Often one from the head office and a one being a local lawyer. Here lies the problem. As local lawyers may be good in representing law and advice management, they have no or very little clue of the local business the company wishes to engage. Now here we come in. Not only would we secure the best local sales for execution but most important we provide a seat in the local board for advisory of the business and insure proper and fast achievement of results. With this also high level relationships are provided from potential customers. Talk to us, before you miss the targets. Sahli & Partner. Execution with glance. Check out our references. www.sahli.com