Executive Mandates

Turnover Mandate

We offer to work consistently on a ”get well plan”. This mandate for seeking turnover and change to gain more agility and versatility and to be able to be better suited for the ever market changes. Sahli & Partner mandates involves with leadership, management changes and rapid execution to help companies flourish in their target market and segments. Assignments can be short term.

Sales Execution Mandate

Involves high level senior access calls and following through until closure. identifying the target audience, approach and meeting, presentation and placement of the solution. Insure customer satisfaction and building reference. strong push and execution with maximum efficiency. Access to +100 top enterprise customer on c level.

Country Management Mandate

This is an assignment in Country Management with start-ups in its infancy. Most of the IT firms we represented are leading brands in their markets. We have done it from a simple business planning process up to full execution of the job and getting the things done in accordance of compliance and regulations within the assigned territory.

Board Advisory Mandate

We also accept board member assignments and mandates because we are able to contribute on strategic level for mid size organizations.